Digital Anarchy May Newsletter: 50% Off Beauty Box Video, Primatte 5.0 Beta, CS 5.5, and more!

NAB as an Economic Indicator

Another year another NAB. The usual craziness around all the things used in video or film production. It also produces one of my favorite key economic indicators: The NAB Party Index. When things aren't going well companies generally don't spend cash on frivolous things like buying all and sundry free drinks. That was not the case this year. Judging from the sheer number of parties, I'd say the economy is definitely picking up at least in the film/video world.

One of the expected surprises was that Apple took over the NAB FCP Supermeet and announced Final Cut Pro X. This turned the Supermeet into a bit of a religious revival, but did allow everyone to get a glimpse of what's new in FCP. We are hoping that Apple sees the value in giving developer and training partners access to prerelease builds so we can have updated plugins and training available when they release FCP X. So far that hasn't been the case… We'll have FCP X plugins available as soon as we can, but unless Apple gives us some additional info those won't be available until well after the release of FCP X.

Photography News!

Ok, enough with the video stuff. Primatte 5.0 is almost here! We're planning on a May 24th release date, but if you're a current Primatte 3.5 users you can get access to the beta before then. All sorts of new features and very much improved Automasking capabilities for doing batch processing. The new version is definitely aimed at those of you doing higher volume stuff. Should be a great release, so check it out.

In addition, the AnarchyJim Blog has interesting thoughts on wedding photography and other things. Check out our post about 'Privacy in a Social World' to learn about FTC¹s smack down of Google, or my feeling about hiring professionals in 'Wedding Photography and Money' (hint: it's not going away). You can get the inside scoop to how we handle customers here at Anarchist World HQ in the post 'Tech Support in an Anarchist World'. As always, let me know what you think.


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Beauty Box Video: One Week Sale- 50% OFF

So we've got an amazing deal on our award winning plugin for skin retouching, Beauty Box. Until 5/25 you can get it for 50% off... that's only $99! It's a great deal for a plugin that's changed the way folks do retouching. It's easy to use and produces beautiful results. So much so that we won Videomaker's Plugin of the year award, EventDV's 'Winner Circle' award, and TVTechnology's 'Mario Award'. 

Get this great deal by using coupon: BEAUTY99

Here's a link to the Digital Anarchy Store where you can purchase it.

You can also download the free trial version, by going here:

Primatte 5.0 Beta

The release of Primatte 5.0 is coming up fast. But for those of you that have purchased 3.5, you can get a look at the current build before it's released. Your 3.5 serial number will work with 5.0, so just download the beta installers and you're off and running.

Why release a beta version? Well, we're hoping at least a few of you download it and try it out. This will give us a chance to see if there's any problems that we overlooked before doing a big release with much fanfare. The software is, we think, in great shape and we're just putting the finishing touches on it.

Here are the installers: (Mac) (Windows)

Here are the beta notes. The manual is not done, so these are the notes that will become the manual:

As with all our updates, you just need to download the demo and run the new installer. It'll automatically recognize your existing serial number, so you don't need to worry about that.

ToonIt Photo 2.6.2 Released

This is technically a minor update for ToonIt Photoshop and ToonIt Aperture. However it packs a pretty good punch for a minor update, especially for Aperture. The speed is improved for all applications, and there's a bunch of improvements and bug fixes for Aperture.

Here's the link to download the demo version:

As with all our updates, you just need to download the demo and run the new installer. It'll automatically recognize your existing serial number, so you don't need to worry about that.

AnarchyJim Blog: Tech Support, Clouds, and Wedding Photography

A bunch of new posts on a variety of topics. I'm sure you'll find something interesting to read... or not. I don't claim to actually know anything, I just have opinions. :-)

However, I am a big supported of We need better privacy laws in this new, wacky world of Facebook, devices that know where we are at all times, and records of everything we've ever searched for. While I'm sure I believe the big corporations that say all this data is anonymous and just used to display ads for the type of Wheaties I like best, it'd be nice to have some laws that make sure of it. is fighting for that.

Anyways, check out the blog... there's a lot more where that came from.:

Production Premium CS5.5 Compatibility

The only product really affected by CS 5.5 is Beauty Box Video. The new installers are up on the site and ready to download. You can find them here:

As with all our updates, you just need to download the demo and run the new installer. It'll automatically recognize your existing serial number, so you don't need to worry about that.

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