Three powerful sparks in Knoll 3.0

Knoll Spark Pack was originally written by John Knoll to create the Photon Torpedos in Star Trek First Contact. The pack contains three powerful sparks for lighting effects and lens flares.

Knoll Lens Flare Pro spark

The centerpiece tool is Knoll Lens Flare Pro. This spark is designed to create lens flares and other lighting effects, including lasers, explosions, and suns. Create beautiful flares and lighting using the spark's Lens Editor. Read more

This lens flare is a closeup of sunlight bouncing against and pouring through a stained glass window. [play]

Knoll Unmult spark

UnMult is used to generate mattes for light effects or other bright elements generated on a black background. It is also the perfect solution to cleanly composite elements with pre-multiplied alpha channels.

This flying saucer project is a good demonstration of light tracking. [play]

Knoll Min/Max spark

Min/Max is typically used to adjust mattes with spread and choke. It adjusts each pixel to either the minimum, median or maximum value found among the pixels that fall within a specified area around it.

Animated police lights use different colored flares from Lens Flare Pro. [play]