More than a standard lens flare

Knoll Lens Flare Pro is the main tool of the Knoll Spark Pack and much more than a lens flare. In fact, ILM Special Effects Supervisor John Knoll originally wrote it specifically to create the Photon Torpedos in Star Trek First Contact. This spark is a complete lighting effects kit that can create and save custom lighting effects ranging from lens flares to lasers. Lens Flare Pro has a wide variety of features to assist in getting exactly the lighting effect you're looking for.

Create and save custom lighting effects, like this Trekkie outer space scene. [play]

The Lens Editor

At the heart of Lens Flare Pro is its Lens Editor. This is where you create, modify, load and save custom lenses and lighting effects. The Editor is broken down into four main parts: the Preview area, the Elements List, the Element Parameters area, and the Load/Save area. There is a helpful Edit feature to model the lighting effect by layering elements that represent lens reflection artifacts. You can match any camera lens or create completely original lighting effects.

This lens flare is a closeup of sunlight bouncing against and pouring through a stained glass window. [play]

Using flare primitives

Inside the Lens Editor, choose the light elements to build your effect. Choose a Lens Primitive from the popup menu, then combine primitives in any order or quantity. Each primitive has separate controls to precisely tweak specific elements to achieve highly customized effects. Voila! Your lighting effect. Lens Primitives range from familiar glows and spikes to Panavision Stripes, Chroma Hoops, and Aperture Reflections, all artifacts commonly seen in real lens photography.

This lens flare is an animated knoll parameter. [play]