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Learn with support material

Digital Anarchy's photo and video plugin manuals are available as PDF downloads. Learn about the capabilities and functions of your plugins and software through these free guides. These documents will open on a Mac or Windows machine in Adobe Acrobat or on a Mac using Apple's Preview. We do not provide printed versions of these manuals.

Find the manual you're looking for by selecting one of the plugin categories below:


3D Invigorator manual (3.5 mb)

3D Invigorator Quickstart (3.0 mb)

Quickstart project files (1.5 mb)

Get the project files for the tutorial included in the 3D Invigorator manual. Plus, don't forget to also check out the 3D Invigorator video tutorials.

Backdrop Designer manual (5.0 mb)

Backdrop Quickstart Guide (1.0 mb)

Get the full manual for Backdrop Designer plus a Quickstart Guide. We also have Backdrop Designer video tutorials.

Beauty Box Photo manual (2.0 mb)

sample images (20.0 mb)

Download the full manual for the Beauty Box Photo plugin plus sample images. We also have video tutorials.

Beauty Box Video 2.0 manual for AE, FCP (17.0 mb)

Beauty Box Video 2.0 manual for Sony Vegas

portrait footage (85.0 mb)

Become a video retouching expert with help from the full manual for Beauty Box Video plus sample footage. Be sure to also check out our Beauty Box video tutorials and sample footage.

Primatte 5.0 manual (26.5 mb)

Primatte Quickstart Guide (1.5 mb)

Get the full manual for Primatte Chromakey 5.0 and view our Primatte 5.0 video tutorials.

Texture manual (3.0 mb)

Let our texture tutorials help you! Download the full manual for Texture Anarchy. We also Texture Anarchy tutorials available.

ToonIt! 2.6 Photo manual (6.5 mb)

ToonIt! Quickstart Guide manual (2.5 mb)

The full manual for Toonit! Photo will help you become a cartoon effects expert. Browse our full collection of video tutorials.