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Digital workflow is the essence of photography and videography. Try our Photoshop tools if you are a photographer specializing in corporate photos, school photos, proms, product shots, or any event that requires customized backgrounds. Try our skin smoothing tools for video footage and photography to make your subjects look even better after the photoshoot. Digital Anarchy will make your work more flexible and efficient (and even more fun).


Remove 10 years in 10 minutes. Beauty Box Video is the next generation in skin retouching software. This plugin for After Effects and Final Cut Pro will automatically identify and smooth skin tones while preserving important facial features. By incorporating state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms, Beauty Box gives your actor or model a makeover in post-production. Learn more

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Beauty Box Photo is a new kind of digital retouching tool for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users. It allows you to quickly and easily erase skin blemishes and even out skin tones, achieving a consistently professional result. Beauty Box PS uses advanced skin smoothing techniques that enhance the work of photographers at all levels. Learn more

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3D Invigorator takes 3D design in Photoshop to a whole new level. 3D The plugin allows you to create complex 3D objects using Adobe Illustrator files, 3D primitive shapes, and live editable fonts. The Invigorator has a full 3D environment for setting up objects and scenes. The interface makes it easy to create objects in minutes that would take hours in a normal 3D program. Find out what film/TV designers have known for years... 3D Invigorator is the best way to create dynamic 3D artwork, text and logos. Learn more

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Art by Colin Cheer, Electric Eye/Mighty Dots.

Simplify your workflow while eliminating the cost of multiple backdrops. Backdrop Designer is a new way of creating professional quality backgrounds for portraiture, products shots, corporate presentations, and other commercial work. This Photoshop plugin ships with over 900 premade textures that simulate muslin drapes, the physical backdrop traditionally used in studios. Choose a texture, then cast a shadow of material folds or light simulation. Learn more

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Art by Blake Taylor.

Primatte Chromakey is a powerful Photoshop masking tool for bluescreen and greenscreen photography. Take a foreground image of any resolution, shot against a single color, and replace that single color with transparent pixels. Then preview and composite in any custom new background, or use the masked image within other compositions. Primatte for Photoshop puts the technology commonly used for film and television special effects in the hands of photographers and photo studios. Learn more

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Art by Brian Donnelly.

Our new Primatte Event features the powerful ability to use Primatte masking in a live greenscreen photoshoot with Aperture’s tethering and batch capabilities. This 5.1 release also includes a number of improvements to existing features in Primatte 5.0, which are available in a free update to the Primatte Chromakey plug-in for Photoshop. Learn more

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ToonIt! Photo is a reliable, easy way to give photographs, still images and video frames that sought-after cartoon look. ToonIt for Photoshop uses advanced algorithms to process your image and create cartoon shading and outlines. ToonIt! excels at preserving the features and expressions in human faces and figures, including small details like hair, hands and clothing. This Photoshop cartooning plugin free you from time consuming techniques like hand painting, and allow precise control over styles, shading and outlines. Learn more

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Art by Ken Whitaker.

Texture Anarchy is a set of three Photoshop filters that create sophisticated textures and edgy borders with no limits on size, resolution, or complexity. This texture laboratory gives you 38 different noise types that can be layered on top of each other and combined in any way imaginable. Render a beautiful variety of seamless, scalable textures, from organic to surreal. Learn more

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Art by Mark Landman.