How to choose a new background

Now that so much of the photography process is digital, Backdrop Designer opens the way for new photography tools that fit into your workflow. For instance, combine Primatte Chromakey with Backdrop Designer, an Adobe Photoshop plugin that creates photograph-quality digital backgrounds that simulate muslin drapes.

Simple steps for magic

Using Backdrop Designer with Primatte Chromakey eliminates the need for expensive physical backgrounds. Together, these two Adobe Photoshop plugins open up many creative possibilities, and the flexibility to find the perfect photograph. Here are the simple steps to merge the results of Backdrop Designer and Primatte Chromakey.

  1. Photograph your client against a single color screen, typically chroma-blue or chroma-green.

  2. Use Primatte to extract that single color background, and get rid of any colorspill along the edges of your subject. This leaves your client against a transparent layer in Photoshop.
  3. Create another layer in your Photoshop file. Then use Backdrop Designer to quickly create beautiful digital backdrops.
  4. Offer your client a variety of background choices after the photoshoot.