Tutorials for the Data Storyteller plugin

Data Storyteller makes it easy to create animated graphics from both simple or complex data. The app is pretty easy to use, but does have lots of controls so video editors can have their data visualizations look exactly the way they want! Check these video tutorials to learn how to properly setup your data, understand all UI panels, take advantage of manual or automated animation options and create stunning graphs for your video.

Data Storyteller 1.0 Manual

You can download the Data Storyteller 1.0 PDF manual here. It'll give you an overview of the parameters, how to register, and some tips on trouble shooting!

Overview and Getting Started - Bar, Line and Scatter charts

Data Storyteller has two components, the plugin you see in your host app and the Data Storyteller application. This video tutorial goes over the Data Storyteller UI and basic controls, showing how the plugin integrates with the app. It also goes over Data Storyteller Ber, Line and Scatter options, basic settings and a complete chart setup workflow overview. LEVEL: BASIC

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Data Storyteller Maps: basic workflow and Maps specific controls

Much of what we went over in the main Overview tutorial applies to Maps. This tutorial is mostly about features that are specific to Maps. Learn the differences between Data Storyteller Charts and Data Storyteller Maps and what settings can help you to create stunning animated maps from the get go. LEVEL: BASIC

Data Storyteller Panels: Charts and Maps

Data Storyteller Charts and Maps were design to handle both simple and complex data visualizations. There are lots of options to create charts the way you want, and we go over each control panel available in this video tutorial.

Data Set up and the Dimensions Panel

The Data Setup is a critical step in creating your chart. Together with the controls in the Dimensions panel, it is how you tell us how your data is organized, if your series are columns or rows, if the columns/rows have headers, and what values should be on the Y and X axis. This tutorials goes over important settings that need to be setup right for Data Storyteller to display data conrrectly. LEVEL: BASIC

Sigle File Animation: plugin and app controls

With Data Storyteller you can create animations by setting a few parameters, such as Draw On Time or Fade Off. Or you can manually keyframe many settings for more complex animations that are timed to the rest of your production.This tutorial shows you how to use the Animation controls to animate data from the app (automated) or the plugin (keyframed). LEVEL: BASIC

Multi-File Animation: plugin and app controls

This video tutorial shows how to use the "Animation:Multiple Data Sets" controls to set up the animation between multiple data sets. Set one of your panels to "Animation: Multiple Data Sets" and choose the transitions you want to apply after each data set. Use the plugin controls to set keyframes and create more elaborate animations that sync with your audio or music. LEVEL: BASIC