Press reviews for Data Storyteller

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Our return to NAB was marked by the win of the Best Plugin of NAB 2023 award offered by Videomaker.

“This plug-in is designed to simplify the data visualization process. With robust tools for mapping data and animating charts, DataStoryteller helps video editors present complicated data in more engaging ways.” - Nicole LaJeunesse

They also posted a great video on plugins you cannot miss in 2023. Check the video for a demo of Data Storyteller and other great products!

“Digital Anarchy’s Data Storyteller is a game changer for video editors who want to create visually stunning animated charts and maps in their videos” - Videomaker.

“Data Storyteller comes with features like bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, and the ability to incorporate congressional districts in your visualization. It also offers more control over colors, background grids, and can be incorporated into 3D space. (...) Data Storyteller can help you create visually appealing data visualizations that can capture your audience’s attention better.” - Joey Daoud

Check out the walk through with Jim from Digital Anarchy and Kenny McMillan of PVC straight from the floor of NAB Show 2023.

“With Data Storyteller, you can build animated visualizations of your data inside Premier, After Effects, and Final Cut. With support for the usual bar, line and scatter charts as well as geographic data plotting, This will be a utility that has a multitude of uses.” - Chuck Joiner

“When data visualizations are needed in video production, they are either complicated to produce or basic PowerPoint charts,” said Jim Tierney, CEO of Digital Anarchy. “With the world awash in data, big and small, we wanted to give video editors an easier way of creating animated charts and data visualizations within the editing apps they’re familiar with.”