Frequent questions for the Data Storyteller Plugin

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Are there separate installers for Data Storyteller Charts and Data Storyteller Maps?

Both Data Storyteller Charts and Data Storyteller Maps are part of the same installer! They are split up into two plugins because they require different settings and controls to be able to display your data correctly.

After installing Data Storyteller you will see two plugins under Vide Effects>Digital Anarchy: Data Storyteller Charts and Data Storyteller Maps. Apply Charts to create Bar, Line or Scatter graphics or Maps to display data in a US or World Map. You can also apply both, Charts and Maps, to the same timeline.

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Why do I have a Data Storyteller stand alone app included in my installer?

Data Storyteller is based on D3, a Javascript library for data visualization. The Data Storyteller App is a Javascript based application that incorporates D3 as well as all of our custom code. No host app supports running such a complex javascript app from within the host app as a plugin. So the app really is just a glorified custom UI. It’s pretty seamless. The DS App runs in the background and when you click ‘Setup’ it brings it forward.

Can I load multiple data files at once?

Multiple CSV files can be selected or dragged into the UI. You can also add additional files if a file(s) has already been uploaded. Data Storyteller only supports the upload of multiple CSV files even though it does support single Excel and JSON uploads.

For instance, if you have Time Radius set to 10, Flicker Free is asking the host app to render 21 frames at once (the current frame, 10 before, 10 after) when processing a single frame. It then has to analyze all the color information in those frames.
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My Preview is blank and does not show a chart. What can I do?

Your initial chart will show in the viewer. Move the slider forward to see it! You need to move the slider because the chart has the “Timed Animation” default setting applied.

My animation looks different on the app and plugin previews. Why?

The Preview in the Data Storyteller stand alone app may not accurately represent the animation in the host app! There you can set keyframes and there are many more options than what you’ll find in the Animation Panel in the DSApp.

To see an accurate preview of the animation, playing it back in the host app may be required. The Preview window is meant to be a place where you can adjust the look of the chart, but animation should really be done in the plugin within the host app. It’s sort of a ‘draft’ preview.

What host applications are supported by Data Storyteller?

The current release has support for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve.

Why do lines appear across my images?

The crosshatch lines that appear are the demo watermark. The plugin is fully functional and you should easily be able to see how Data Storyteller works. However, you'll need to purchase it to permanently remove the watermark.