Display and animate data the way you want

When data visualizations are needed in video production, they are either complicated to produce or basic PowerPoint charts. With Data Storyteller, video editors of any field (documentary filmmaking, marketing, news, and more) can create clear charts or map visualizations to support the stories they are telling without the need of a data scientist; without leaving their video editing application of choice.

Here are just a few examples of what video editors can easily do with Data Storyteller!

Display data in a map or chart graph

Choose to apply Data Storyteller Charts to your timeline if you want to work with Line, Bar or Scatter chart visualizations. For US or World Maps, apply Data Storyteller Maps. You can also have both Maps and Charts applied to the same timeline and display both a chart and a map.

Setup the look of your chart with ease

Select the data you want to include in your visualization, as well as the colors, background, and labels of your chart. You can also enter and format titles and the legend. All the visual changes you are making can be previewed on the Data Storyteller app and saved to your timeline in the host application of your choice.

Animate Multi-dimensional data

Animate data with many attributes to create more robust, in depth charts. For example, in our Census data, for different cities you might want to show Age, Income, Crime level, and Cost of Housing. Any of these can be used to control X position, Y position and Size and Color of the resulting data point. All of which can be animated over time.

Export a template to ease your workflow

Save your Data Storyteller project as a JSON file, then import it later to use that same setup with a different data set or send it to a team member. This is a great option if you are working as part of a team or making a series of videos with the same style, for example. You can set all the options once and then import the json for the rest of them.