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Digital Anarchy Releases ReSizer 2.0 for Scaling and SD to HD Up-Conversion

Plug-in Provides Algorithms for Intelligently Resizing Footage and Images in Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro

San Francisco — April 19, 2006 —

Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special effects software for Adobe® and Apple® products, today announced the immediate availability of ReSizer 2.0, a plug-in for resizing footage or up-converting Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro. The ReSizer algorithms intelligently scale footage and images, giving designers and filmmakers the power to produce high quality SD to HD up-conversions while staying on time and within budget.   

“Anyone doing HD work should consider [ReSizer] a must-buy, because inevitably you will have to scale up old assets to this new format,” said Chris Meyer of CyberMotion Studio. “I particularly love the ability to select different scaling algorithms, in order to suit the source material and requirements of a given shot."

ReSizer 2.0 has three algorithms for scaling, which gives users flexibility in finding the right method for specific footage. Users also have control over how much these algorithms sharpen or smooth the footage, allowing them to further tailor the options. ReSizer produces extraordinary results whether footage is being up-converted from SD to HD or zoomed in 800%, because of the multiple methods available to accurately increase the resolution of the original image. This difference is particularly noticeable in ReSizer's ability to keep edges sharp and defined, with minimal aliasing (or 'stair-stepping') that is usually found in up-converted footage.

For working with SD interlaced footage, ReSizer 2.0 has a Deinterlacer that makes use of motion compensation. Multiple frames of interlaced footage are analyzed and the missing scan lines are intelligently reconstructed. This process produces greater fidelity to the original image. The combination of ReSizer 2.0’s smart algorithms and de-interlacing technology makes for unsurpassed quality when increasing the resolution of video or film.

The exciting new features in ReSizer 2.0 include:

  • SD to HD and Larger: ReSizer 2.0 makes it easy to scale SD to HD, web video/podcasts to SD, or any resolution up to 800%.

  • Improved Algorithms: The best algorithms from ReSizer 1.0 were taken and improved, while the inferior ones were removed. This makes the UI easier to use and produces better results.

  • Deinterlacer: The built-in Deinterlacer uses time estimation to analyze multiple frames and produce a detailed progressive frame from the interlaced footage.

  • Resolution Presets: Many common HD and film resolutions are included via a Preset Manager. This makes it easier to set up the plug-in and incorporate it in a busy workflow.

  • Pixel Dimensions: Users can now specify the exact dimensions they want the footage to be, instead of fiddling with percentage sliders.

  • Improved Fine-Tuning Controls: Easily adjust the scaled output by modifying the algorithm parameters, making it easier to customize ReSizer for specific footage.

Pricing and Availability.

Regularly priced at USD $149, ReSizer 2.0 will be available for USD $129 through May 10, 2006. Current ReSizer 1.0 customers can upgrade to version 2.0 for USD $99, on sale for USD $79 through May 10, 2006. ReSizer works in After Effects 5.0 and higher, Final Cut Pro 4.0 and higher, and Premiere Pro 2.0. The plug-in runs on all variants of Macintosh OS X and Windows 98ME–XP Pro. Demo filters and samples are available at

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