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Digital Anarchy Releases Data Animator 1.0

New After Effects Plug-ins Streamline Creation of Animated Charts and Graphs

San Francisco, CA — October 24, 2005 —

Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special effects software for Adobe® After Effects, today announced the immediate availability of Data Animator 1.0, a new way of creating animated charts and graphs. Available for purchase on Digital Anarchy’s website at, Data Animator is currently available for Windows; a Macintosh version will be released on Nov. 15, 2005.

“We recognize that many After Effects users are doing corporate and business graphics,” said Jim Tierney, founder of Digital Anarchy. “With Data Animator, designers will no longer need to rely on clunky chart graphics from PowerPoint or deal with Flash import issues. They can generate charts and graph animations without having to leave After Effects. This means their production visuals will be more streamlined and their production time will be significantly quicker.”

Data Animator’s eight plug-ins create a wide range of chart types from business graphics to scientific visualization. The results are perfect for news programs, simulated displays, corporate communication projects, and any other animated visualization of data. Users import a tab-delimited text file to build the chart, then customize the look and animation of their data.

Features include separate controls for the chart and data elements, a column/row sorter, legend/label manager, and a depth choice of 2D or 3D charts. The eighth plug-in, EasyChart, provides an easy-to-use interface that makes the creation of these seven chart types an even simpler task. Because Data Animator dynamically updates the source data file, it is great for collaborative work and projects started before the data is finalized.

Key Features

Some of the exciting features in Data Animator include:


Seven different chart types for business graphics and scientific visualization, including: Bar, Line, Pie, Range/Stock, Bubble, Polar and TimeLine charts.


Most charts can display as flat 2D, faux 3D (2.5D) or true 3D.


Load data in via standard tab-delimited files and have it update automatically.


Easily handles large data sets, including stock market prices.


Control over the animation of each chart element.


Each chart element can be separated so additional effects can be applies.


Flexible labeling and font control.

“Data driven graphics can be extremely visually interesting,” continues Tierney. “We look forward to seeing how creative professionals will take Data Animator’s plug-ins, stand them on their head, and produce incredible graphics that look nothing like charts.”

Pricing and Availability.

Data Animator is currently only available for Windows. A Macintosh version is scheduled for release on Nov. 15, 2005. Regularly priced at USD $495.00, Data Animator will be available for USD $429.00 during its first month of release. Demo filters are also available at Data Animator works in After Effects 5.0 and higher, and runs on Windows 98ME-XP Pro.

About Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy® is a privately owned company operating out of San Francisco, Calif., that creates high quality creative software for broadcast designers, animators and professional photographers. These tools solve a wide range of design issues, from creating text effects and background design elements, to masking out bluescreens for commercial photography. Digital Anarchy products work in conjunction with a wide range of products from companies like Adobe®, Discreet™ and Apple®. For more information about Digital Anarchy and its products, please see the company’s website at or call 415-830-3689.

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