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Digital Anarchy Announces 3D Layer 1.0 for Amazing 3D Effects in After Effects and Final Cut Pro

Plugin Creates a True 3D Mesh Technology That Can be Distorted, Extruded and Modeled.

San Francisco, CA – April 27, 2004 —

Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special effects software for Adobe, Apple and Discreet products, today announced the availability of 3D Layer 1.0 for After Effects, Combustion and Final Cut Pro. Using a true 3D mesh, grayscale maps and Conoa's 3D rendering engine technology, 3D Layer now allows users to create amazing 3D effects that previously required proprietary 3D software.

Typical 3D layers in compositing applications are flat, similar to a postcard, and cannot be deformed or modeled. In contrast, Digital Anarchy's new 3D Layer product provides a flexible mesh object that can extrude with true Z-depth thickness. With 3D Layer, outside edges can be modeled, and the layer can be bent, warped or punched through as well as texture mapped and animated to create complex 3D effects.

“Users of After Effects and other compositing applications usually have to go out to 3D programs to create 3D effects,” said Jim Tierney, founder of Digital Anarchy. “With our new 3D Layer product, users can use standard compositing tools, such as displacement maps, to create stunning effects without having to leave their host application.”

Great Features of 3D Layer Include:

  • True 3D Geometry: A double-sided mesh can be extruded from an effects’ layer, then manipulated and textured.

  • Grayscale Displacement Maps: Grayscale maps allow users to displace the mesh in 3D and create effects that have a sense of depth.

  • Grayscale Modeling Maps: Grayscale maps can also be used to model or shape the layer.

  • Multiple Texture Maps: Provides up to five texture maps that can be used on the 3D mesh.

  • Animated Maps: Displacement, Modeling and Texture maps can all be animated, opening up the possibility of many creative effects.

  • AE 3D Camera Integration: Built-in 3D Layer Camera and integration with After Effects 3D camera simplifies process of compositing with normal 3D layers.

  • Conoa's 3D Engine: The 3D geometry is raytraced with Conoa's 3D Engine, which allows for beautiful renderings with shadows, reflections and refraction.

Pricing & Availability.

Regularly priced at US $179, 3D Layer 1.0 for After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Combustion is now available now for US $149 until May 30, 2004.

3D Layer 1.0 is compatible with After Effects 4.1 and higher, FCP 4.x, and Combustion 3.0 on Mac OS 9.2 and higher (including OS X), and all Windows variants.

About Digital Anarchy.

Founded in 200X, Digital Anarchy is a privately owned company operating out of San Francisco, Calif. Digital Anarchy is devoted to creating affordable high quality products for broadcast designers and graphic artists. These creative tools solve a wide range of problems that face designers, from animating text effects and background elements to Chromakey masks and 64-bit codecs. Digital Anarchy products work in conjunction with a wide range of products from companies like Adobe, Discreet, and Apple.

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