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REALVIZ and Digital Anarchy Announce USA Distribution Agreement for REALVIZ ReTimer SD/HD

New Powerful Plugins for Adobe After Effects Will Speed Up and Slow Down Video or Film

San Francisco, April 21, 2003 —

REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, announced today, that San Francisco-based Digital Anarchy has recently been recruited as distributor for REALVIZ ReTimer SD/HD in the Americas. The new plugin is now available from

REALVIZ ReTimer SD and ReTimer HD are new After Effects plugins used for slowing down or speeding up video or film footage. The After Effects plugins draw on the powerful engine central to the award-winning high-end software application, ReTimer. ReTimer SD/HD are ideally suited to complement After Effects and compatible applications, providing a one-stop solution for any type of time warping, while retaining the highest quality output.

"We're extremely excited about helping REALVIZ bring their powerful and award-winning technology over to After Effects. ReTimer is a fantastic tool for motion graphics professionals and offers a great way to manipulate the speed of film/video footage," says Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy

"For us, this is the perfect partnership in our bid to market our ReTimer SD/HD plugin for After Effects." said Emmanuel Javal, Executive VP Business Development, REALVIZ Corp. "Digital Anarchy has a long and solid track record, as well as an extensive knowledge and understanding of the After Effects market."

About REALVIZ ReTimer SD/HD.

With an innovative technology that enables the calculation of each pixel move, ReTimer SD/HD automatically generates new frames in between existing frames, enabling high quality slow downs or speed-ups, and all without the need for expensive slow motion cameras.

Some of the features that ReTimer SD/HD include are:

  • ReTimer is able to analyze original images and create completely
    new frames based on them. Resulting in smooth slow motion.

  • Work with progressive or interlaced video footage without having to interpolate your frames. ReTimer will automatically deal with fields and 3:2 pulldown.

  • A high quality Motion Blur adds realism to fast moving sequences,
    delivering realistic results. ReTimer takes into account each pixel and applies blur accordingly.

  • Use bezier masks to let ReTimer distinguish foreground objects from the background. This is essential to ReTiming footage. It gives you the control you need to make adjustments if things don't come out perfectly.

  • The RTMotion plugin which comes with ReTimer allows you to view the actual displacement map ReTimer is using. This provides another powerful tool for making adjustments. Specifically targeted at artists working with Standard Definition resolution, ReTimer SD, enables users to process images, which are in Standard Definition Pal, or NTSC format, whereas ReTimer HD is not limited to any resolution or format (PAL/NTSC, Film and 2K images supported.)

REALVIZ ReTimer SD/HD are ideally suited to complement compositing packages, and are plugins for Adobe After Effects 5.5, or compatible products, such as Discreet's Combustion and Apple Final Cut Pro. ReTimer SD & HD are now available for purchase. For further details on both products, please go to:

Pricing & Availability.

REALVIZ ReTimer SD is available for purchase at a special intro price of $329.00 (Reg. $349) & REALVIZ ReTimer HD (also for Mac OSX & Windows) at an intro point of $699.00 (reg. $790). Both plugins are available for Mac OS 9 and X, and for Windows.

About Digital Anarchy.

Digital Anarchy is a privately owned company operating out of San Francisco, CA. Digital Anarchy is devoted to creating high end and high quality software products for broadcast designers in television and film. These products solve a wide range of problems that face designers, from creating text effects and background elements to the addition of lighting effects in 2D compositing applications. The products work in conjunction with a wide range of products from companies like Adobe, Discreet, and Apple.

For further information on Digital Anarchy and other products, please see the web site at, or call 415-621-0991. Press Contact: Debbie Rich,, 415-621-0991


REALVIZ is a leading developer of image based creation software based in Sophia Antipolis, France, with U.S. operations in San Francisco, CA; and a satellite sales office in London. REALVIZ develops a suite of image-based content creation solutions for the film, broadcast, gaming, digital imaging, architecture and Internet communities. Derived from years of research efforts at the renowned INRIA Lab in France, the company's applications enable 2D and 3D artists to easily and cost-effectively tackle complex digital imaging projects.

REALVIZ's award-winning products are in use by leading production and effects houses, web design, game development and architectural companies worldwide including Cinesite, Framestore, Sony Imageworks, Warner Brothers Animation, Electronic Arts, Buf Compagnie and many others.

REALVIZ's production-proven applications have also been used for incredible effects in many other feature film and television projects, including, the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise movie, "Minority Report", and Spielberg's recent alien abduction miniseries, "Taken" as well as "Dinotopia" (winner of 4 awards at February‚s Annual Visual Effects Society Awards), and big-screen blockbusters such as the latest James Bond outing, "Die Another Day", "Harry Potter", "The Ring", "28 Days Later", "Hart‚s War", "Swordfish", "Captain Corelli‚s Mandolin", "Enemy At The Gates", "Driven" and the current "Shanghai Knights", starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.

For more information on REALVIZ, go to: ©2003 REALVIZ, all trademarks and registered trademarks previously cited are the property of their respective owners.

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