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Digital Anarchy and Digital Film Tools Announce the Digital Film Lab/ReTimer Bundle

Distribution of Software Bundle for Making Video Look Like Film.

San Francisco, CA — July 9, 2003 —

Making video look like film just got faster and less expensive. The Digital Film Lab/ReTimer bundle allows filmmakers to give video the look of film, faster and at less cost than current solutions. This solution to the video to film problem uses the new Digital Film Lab from Digital Film Tools to create the look of film and the award winning ReTimer SD/HD from Digital Anarchy to adjust the speed of footage to create a more film-like quality.

The Digital Film Lab/ReTimer bundle gives filmmakers the full power of the Digital Film Lab plugin for creating the blurs, film grain, and optical effects necessary for the look of film as well as the full ReTimer package using their innovative time warping technology to give video the speed of film. Since both products are fully featured, you are not limited to just creating a film look. You can use ReTimer’s powerful time warping technology to slow footage down by a factor of 6 or more, or use it to speed footage up, creating a realistic motion blur.

About Digital Film Lab.

Digital Film Lab is a unique plugin from Digital Film Tools meant to simulate a variety of film looks, popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses and optical lab processes--all in a controlled digital environment with either 8 or 16 bits per channel processing. DIGITAL FILM LAB is made up of Color Correct, Bleach Bypass, Low Contrast, Flashing, Overexpose, Diffusion, Blur, Grad, Grain and Post Color Correct modules all integrated into one plugin.

About REALVIZ ReTimer SD/HD.

Developed by RealViz, Retimer has innovative technology that enables the calculation of each pixel move, ReTimer SD/HD automatically generates new frames in between existing frames, enabling high quality slow downs or speed-ups, and all without the need for expensive slow motion cameras. Specifically targeted at artists working with Standard Definition resolution, ReTimer SD, enables users to process images, which are in Standard Definition Pal, or NTSC format, whereas ReTimer HD is not limited to any resolution or format (PAL/NTSC, Film and 2K images supported.) REALVIZ ReTimer SD/HD are ideally suited to complement compositing packages, and are plugins for Adobe® After Effects® 5.5, or compatible products, such as Discreet Combustion and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Pricing & Availability.

The Digital Film Lab/ReTimer Bundle is available now for $499 for the SD version and $799 for the HD version. They are compatible with Adobe After Effects, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and Discreet Combustion.You can see this powerful product at DVExpo East in the Digital Anarchy booth (#411) or go to or for more information, demo filters, and sample movies.

About Digital Anarchy.

Digital Anarchy is a privately owned company operating out of San Francisco, CA. Digital Anarchy is devoted to creating high end and high quality software products for broadcast designers in television and film. These products solve a wide range of problems that face designers, from creating text effects and background elements to the addition of lighting effects in 2D compositing applications. The products work in conjunction with a wide range of products from companies like Adobe, Discreet, and Apple.

About Digital Film Tools

Digital Film Tools is an offshoot of Digital FilmWorks; a Los Angeles based full-service visual effects facility specializing in feature film and television special effects.

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