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Digital Anarchy Announces 3D Assistants EZ as Affordable, Intuitive Way to Handle 3D Layers in After Effects

Simplified Version of the 3D Assistants Pro Package Makes Handling After Effects' 3D World Even Easier

San Francisco, March 25th, 2003 —

Digital Anarchy today announced the availability of 3D Assistants EZ for Adobe After Effects. Based on the popular 3D Assistants Pro package, the EZ version is a collection of six keyframe assistants that enable users to easily manipulate, animate and arrange layers in 3D space. The 3D Assistants EZ includes many of the functions of the Pro package and offers an affordable and intuitive way to use 3D within Adobe After Effects.

While many designers are comfortable in 3D space, trying to position, rotate, then animate layers in 3D space is difficult and time consuming. It involves a great deal of forethought and calculations that take significant time away from the design process. The 3D Assistants EZ makes many of the complex and more difficult aspects of working with 3D in After Effects much easier to deal with.

“Our last project involved a great deal of 3D and we were looking for faster, more intuitive tools, specifically for accomplishing some of the complex 3D shots,” said Scott Frizzle, principle of Artifact Studios. “3D Assistants EZ turned out to be a lifesaver for our next project, which involved multiple fly-throughs of dozens of images. We saw an exponential increase in our productivity as we no longer had to manually arrange the layers. It's an amazing, time saving design tool."

The 3D Assistants EZ are keyframe assistants that are closely integrated with core parts of After Effects and make them ideal for creating effects that would be impossible with normal plugins. Keyframe assistants offer a powerful way of manipulating the various attributes and properties of layers within After Effects. Since After Effects has a very robust 3D engine, using keyframe assistants to help users manage 3D layers is the perfect solution.

Powerful Features in EZ Package.

The 3D Assistants EZ offers a powerful, flexible way to use 3D within After Effects 5. With a robust manual, Quickstart guide, and online tutorials and projects, it is fast and easy for users to start working with 3D Assistants and After Effects. Some of the powerful features that the 3D Assistants adds to After Effects include:

  • An easy to use interface allows designers to easily set up their layers throughout the 3D world within After Effects.
  • Ability to create fly-throughs, walls of images, cubes, spheres, tunnels, and a variety of other complex 3D shapes and effects.
  • Allows easy adjustments to arrangements or animations of 3D layers. Regardless of whether it’s six layers or six hundred, the 3D Assistants EZ make it simple to make changes over and over again.
  • Provides keyframe assistants that arrange and manage layers within After Effects’ 3D space. This means there is no additional rendering. Unlike other plugins, the After Effects 3D engine is used for the rendering.
  • Utilizes the After Effects’ 3D camera, which allows any layers setup with the 3D Assistants EZ to be completely integrated with AE’s 3D space and any other layers within it.

Pricing & Availability.

Regularly priced at US $99, the 3D Assistants EZ are available now for a limited time for US $89. 3D Assistants EZ are compatible with After Effects 5.0 and higher, Mac OS 8.6 and higher (including OS X), and all Windows variants. For more information, demos, tutorials, and samples, visit the Digital Anarchy Web site at

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