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Digital Anarchy Releases Microcosm, a Powerful 64-bit Lossless QuickTime Codec

New Codec Moves Footage Easily Between Applications, and Archives at a Small Lossless Size

San Francisco, CA – August 5, 2002 –

Digital Anarchy announced the release of the Microcosm Codec. Microcosm is a 64-bit, Lossless codec for QuickTime that achieves incredible compression ratios while maintaining absolute image fidelity.

Lossless codecs are popular among professional broadcast designers, editors, and producers for moving footage and CG elements between applications and locations. However, due to the lossless nature, the files tend to be extremely large. This can present problems when trying to move the footage around or when they are eventually archived.

Move Between Applications and Locations.

In recent years, there's been a transition from big, expensive systems running proprietary software to powerful desktop machines running a host of off-the-shelf applications. One of the big challenges presented by this is how to get footage cleanly between applications without any degradation in the image quality.

Typically this has been done with image sequences or large QuickTime files using the Animation codec. Microcosm is a lossless solution for these intermediate renders that offers, on average, a 4 to 1 compression ratio over the Animation codec and 6 to 1 over uncompressed footage.

Microcosm's technology allows for 64-bit losslessly compressed files that are amazingly small and sometimes surpass lossy codecs.

Designers and editors using Microcosm can still get the absolute image fidelity that is the trademark of lossless, 64-bit compression, without the usual gigabyte file sizes. When moving between applications, it's necessary to prevent any image degradation. Each time a piece of footage is moved between applications it needs to be rendered, opening up the possibility of a quality loss if a lossless codec isn't used.

By enabling dramatically reduced file sizes, Microcosm makes it far easier to get files from application to application, machine to machine, or to people working remotely without the slightest loss of quality.

Use for Archiving.

Microcosm also offers a great way to archive footage. This is another use where maintaining the original image quality is a paramount concern. Due to this, files are often archived with little or no compression.

Microcosm makes it possible to keep the necessary quality but reduce the space and time it takes to archive projects or make backups. This is a great time saver for backups, especially in the middle of a project where there may be many intermediary renders being used for various purposes.

64-bit and 32-bit.

Microcosm supports both 64-bit and 32-bit color spaces. The amazing compression ratios are found at both bit depths, so it's the best solution for 32-bit files as well as 64-bit.

64-bit files allow for a much larger range of colors, making it an ideal choice for high resolution formats like film and HDTV. Several applications have recently announced support for 64-bit, but only Adobe After Effects currently supports 64-bit QuickTime files.

Pricing And Availability

A demo version of the codec can be downloaded at You can download the free decoder for files compressed with Microcosm at or through the QuickTime components program at

Microcosm is available for an introductory price of $99. This includes a license for both Macintosh and Windows.

Microcosm requires QuickTime 5 or later and will run on any PowerMac or Pentium computer.

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