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Pro Photo Pack

Pro Photo Pack

Save $49 on plugins

Buy Price $449

The virtual studio of your dreams

Primatte Chromakey and Backdrop Designer give your client fast, easy choices after the photoshoot is over. Use Primatte Chromakey software to easily remove a single color background. Then let Backdrop Designer quickly create beautiful digital backdrops that your client can choose from.


Save $49. Pro Photo Pack contains:

* Primatte Chromakey 5.0 plugin. This Photoshop plugin removes your green screen or bluescreen background, excelling with difficult areas like hair and water. Reg. $299

* Backdrop Designer plugin. This Photoshop plugin adds in 900+ premade textures that simulate muslin drapery to create stunning digital backgrounds. Reg. $199

Key Plugin Features

  • Get two plugins that save your studio time and effort
  • Offer clients interesting portrait options with easy green screening
  • Stop spending money repeatedly on expensive muslin drapes