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Backdrop Duo

Primatte Extreme

Save $399 on plugins

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Greenscreen masking in action-adventure mode

Get two battle-tested partners in your chromakey workflow for Adobe Photoshop and Apple's Aperture. Primatte technology is a powerful photography solution that does auto-masking, color correction and adds in new background options. Photographers can work quickly with large groups of greenscreen images, or add the perfect custom touch to a unique portrait.


Save $199. Primatte Extreme contains:

* Primatte Event for Aperture. This chromakey plugin quickly removes a blue or green screen, and is the perfect choice for live events or high volume environments. Reg. $299

* Primatte Chromakey plugin. This Photoshop plugin removes a green screen or blue screen background, and excels with difficult areas like wispy hair and sheer fabric. Reg. $299

Key Plugin Features

  • Great for event, portrait and fantasy photography
  • A fast, flexible chormakey workflow for large groups of photos
  • Easy green screening puts your client in a custom scene