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Portrait Pro Suite

Portrait Pro Suite

Save $98 on plugins

Buy Price $499

Make your client look unique and beautiful

Three Adobe Photoshop plugins to make your clients look terrific after any lighting or shooting condition. Beauty Box Photo makes your client’s skin look young and smooth. Primatte Chromakey software will easily remove a single color background after the photoshoot. Backdrop Designer quickly generates beautiful digital backdrops to make the scene look unique.


Save $98. Portrait Pro Suite contains:

* Beauty Box Photo plugin. Apply natural, professional skin smoothing to photographs and still images in Photoshop. Reg. $99

* Primatte Chromakey 5.0 plugin. This Photoshop plugin removes your green screen or bluescreen background, excelling with difficult areas like hair and water. Reg. $299

* Backdrop Designer plugin. This Photoshop plugin adds in 900+ premade textures that simulate muslin drapery to create stunning digital backgrounds. Reg. $199

Key Plugin Features

  • Skin retouching makes your client’s skin look young and natural
  • Easy green screening puts your subject in an exciting scene
  • Digital backdrop creator makes the scenery change super-quick