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Anarchist Suite

Anarchist Suite

Save $425 on plugins

Buy Price $649

All of our Photoshop plugins at one low price

Fill your Adobe Photoshop and photography wishes with this fun-packed, workflow-enhancing plugin package. Get all of our Photoshop plugins at one low price.


Save $425. Anarchist Suite contains:

* Beauty Box Photo plugin. Apply natural, professional skin retouching to photographs and still images in Photoshop. Reg. $99

* Primatte Chromakey 5.0 plugin. This Photoshop plugin removes your green screen or bluescreen background, excelling with difficult areas like hair and water. Reg. $299

* Backdrop Designer plugin. This Photoshop plugin adds in 900+ premade textures that simulate muslin drapery to create stunning digital backgrounds. Reg. $199

* ToonIt! Photo plugin. A fun, easy way to add that sought-after cartoon effect to photographs, still images and video frames in Photoshop. Reg. $149

* 3D Invigorator plugin. Easily create 3D logos from text, shapes or imported Adobe Illustrator files. Reg. $199

* Texture Anarchy plugin. Create beautiful Photoshop textures and image borders which are procedural, tiling, and resolution independent. Reg. $129

Key Plugin Features

  • Our biggest budget saver! Make your boss & clients happy
  • Great photography tools: skin retouching, green screen masking, and digital backdrops
  • Easy design tools: 3D logos, cartoon effects, and texture creator