Trade show amid the palm trees.

Digital Anarchy exhibited at the Senior Portrait Artists (SPA) Event earlier this week. It was yet another trade show, but this time we were on the island of Coronado, just off the sunny coastline of San Diego, CA.

We stayed and worked in the grand Hotel de Coronado, which is a grand hotel dating to 1888 and considered a National Historical Landmark. (Interesting history is here.) It was wonderful to be in a hotel that was next to the beach and lined with palm trees, especially during the winter, but the lush surroundings did present a small problem. Here was the entrance to the exhibit room:

Which faced this area of the hotel property:

You can see our dilemma. The show was interesting, as were the attendees, but boy was it difficult to stay inside, especially when it’s feeling like January in our hometown. The trees and sun kept calling.

Despite these odds, Jim Tierney and I managed to spend quality time at the SPA Event showing off our Adobe Photoshop plugins. We talked to a lot of interesting photographers and some speakers, all of whom specialize in High School Senior photography. We demo’ed our green screen masking tool, Primatte Chromakey, which is great for creating custom and unique portraits. Two other crowd-pleasers are always Backdrop Designer for generating digital muslin drapery and ToonIt! Photo for turning photographs into lovely cartoons. We also showed off our newest product, Beauty Box for Video, which does subtle digital skin smoothing on large images like HD footage.

Jim, Debbie and a large red logo at the Digital Anarchy stand:

If you photograph high school seniors or a related subject for a living, definitely consider joining the SPA group. Seems like good networking and information services. More info is here.

You can see more photos of the SPA Event and the gorgeous Hotel de Coronado in our Digital Anarchy Flickr group.

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