It’s Good To “Choose a Topic”

Over the past few months, Digital Anarchy has migrated to using formal Support Forms for each product. (Well, as formal as ‘anarchists’ are going to get, anyways.) There are a few reasons for this.

One, often folks forget to give us important details, like their last name or the name of the DA product they need help with. To date, we support 16 products. If I have to do a search in our database to tie in someone’s first name with an email address, then counter-search that with the product(s) he may own… Well, I’m more likely to tackle the questions that are easier to answer first.

Two, we get a LOT of email every day. When people don’t fill out a proper title for their emailed request, that email will often go to a Spam folder. We check our Spam folders a few times a day, but they are chock full o’love. If your email is simply titled ‘Help!’ or ‘Purchase’ or worse yet, if it doesn’t have a title, that email is going to get lost in the shuffle of 250 other emails marked as **SPAM**

Similarly, if you fill out our Support Form but don’t choose an item from the ‘CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC’ popup, here is where that request goes along with its similarly titled cousins. The 111 unmarked requests shown above came in between Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am, which is a slow period for email, and this was during a holiday weekend. Sadly, junk robots (or whatever they are called) tend to find these forms and fill in gibberish. That clogs our email folders and makes it challenging to find the real questions.

So my plea is: Take the time to fill out our Request Forms. They’re very simple to use, we don’t ask a lot of questions, and being able to respond to those forms helps us (ok, me!) to help you more quickly

regards -Debbie

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