Filling orders is like eating cheesecake.

Last week, we received an order for our Backdrop Designer plugin. On that same day, we received a request to resend a previous purchase of the Backdrop Designer plugin. Since I am Digital Anarchy’s customer service person and our order fulfillment department — as well as blogger extraordinaire — I recognized the name in both emails. The customer already owned Backdrop Designer but was purchasing it again.

This is one of the reasons we hand fill orders. It’s not uncommon for someone to forget he already owns a product. It’s also not uncommon for someone to think she bought the product when really she only downloaded the demo. This was the basis of two different support calls last week.

(By the way, I feel this theory should extend to cheesecake. I should be able taste its sweetness just thinking about eating cake, and therefore save myself the calories.)


Royalty-free cheesecake served up from Cool stuff on that site.

I emailed the customer and he said that he couldn’t remember if he owned the product and was under a deadline. I resent his product info and refunded the new purchase.

From Roger, the customer mentioned:


Many software companies provide automatic downloads for their products. You put in your credit card digits and in maybe two minutes, the product is downloading to your desktop. Digital Anarchy is one of those companies that has a delay in sending out products. Sometimes that delay is only a half hour, while other times you have to wait a couple of hours until our office is open.

The downside is that you may need to wait a few hours to get your goodies. The upside is that we comb through orders along with other emails to make sure your service goes smoothly and you are only paying for what you really need. You can read more about our support policies here.

regards -Debbie

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