Apple and MacWorld

So it’s not overly surprising Apple is dropping out of MacWorld. They don’t run the show and they’re pulling out of tradeshows in general (they dropped NAB last year).

As I noted in an early post, tradeshows have an incredibly low ROI and with so much happening online now, the real value of them needs to be questioned. I think Apple is recognizing the cost and effort to do these shows just doesn’t add up. Many companies, including Digital Anarchy, have scaled their tradeshow activity way back. In most cases it’s just not a smart way to spend marketing money. I would much rather support photography forums, like, with ads and giveaways than do tradeshows.

Oh… and as it happens, this year we’re releasing Knoll Light Factory and ToonIt for Apple’s Aperture during MacWorld! Stay tuned…

cheers, Jim

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