Joe Farace lights up the room.

Joe Farace lights up the room in two ways. He is a talented photographer, writer and teacher whose emails end with catchy signatures like ‘It’s 2010 and the Big Bang never ended’ or ‘Saving the world, one pixel at a time’. He is also an expert on lighting and imaging techniques for photographers.

Recently, Joe showed me a photo composite that he created while writing one of his upcoming books. The image was masked with Primatte Chromakey, our blue / green screen Adobe Photoshop plugin.

Joe wrote, “My first try with Primatte. The on-line tutorial really helped and the photo was shot blue screen. Same pic, one in color, the other black and white to match the original Godzilla movie. I need to find something to add scratches and dirt!”

The upcoming book is titled ‘Joe Farace’s Studio Lighting Anywhere’. This image is from a chapter about backgrounds, specifically using green or blue screen backgrounds, and Joe’s wife is the model. The book will be published in 2011 by Amherst Media. You can read about Joe Farace’s books and photography on his website,

Joe’s original photo, before using Primatte to remove the blue screen:

The color version of his composite:

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