Cheerleading practice with Shawn Wright

Digital Anarchy recently added a great photographer to our Primatte Chromakey gallery. His name is Shawn Wright and he runs Wright Studios out of Indiana, USA with his wife Betsy.

Shawn is a photographer of all talents and trades. Not only does he specialize in many subjects — high school seniors, industrial product shots and sports teams, to name a few — but he also runs photography seminars. More info on his company site,

The images of Shawn’s that caught my eye are customized portraits of cheerleaders. After all… who doesn’t like cheerleaders? Admittedly contributing to my interest is a recent discovery on of the pilot episode of Fox’s ‘Glee’, which has adorable cheerleaders plus rags-to-riches young singers. Shawn photographs his subjects in several cheerleading poses against a greenscreen, uses our Adobe Photoshop masking plugin to remove the screen, and adds in his own original backgrounds.

I love the vibrant colors and juicy patterns that Shawn Wright brings to these portraits. Doesn’t get any better than that, unless you’re lucky enough to have one of his 4 x 6 print in your hands.

regards -Debbie

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