The Yahoo Of Evil

So the latest news re: Yahoo is that they’re looking for News Corp to save them from the evil clutches of Microsoft.

Yes, News Corp. The most excellent company that brings you the tabloid New York Post and the other bastion of high minded journalism – Fox news.

So somewhere in their muddled minds, Bill Gates is more evil than Rupert Murdoch. Are you kidding me?

I mean, sure, Bill and Microsoft are evil but they are evil in sort of a benign geeky way. Even Steve Jobs is more evil (evil marketing geniuses trump evil geeks… trust me on it… you don’t want to live in a world where Steve Jobs has 90% market share)

But Rupert. He’s just old school capitalistic evil. Seen the movie ‘There will be blood’? Yeah, that’s the type of capitalism we’re talking about. Old school, nasty, “I don’t care if China kills every last dissident, as long as they let me broadcast a censored version of my Sky satellite channel” evil.

I used to think the name Yahoo was just a catchy, irreverent, and fun company name. But if the kids at Yahoo think Rupert and Fox news are going to ’save’ them from Microsoft… they really are a bunch of yahoos.

cheers, Jim

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