Why Doesn’t FCP X Support Image Sequences for Time Lapse (among other reasons)

As you can see above, I have 963 single images imported. Not particularly useful.

This seems like something that is easy to fix and is something that’s necessary for a professional video application.

As mentioned, you can pull the image sequence into one of the Adobe apps or other video apps and create a movie. You can also use Quicktime to do the conversion. This is not  particularly painful if you’ve shot a JPEG sequence. HOWEVER, if you’re doing time lapse, you shouldn’t be shooting JPEG, you should be shooting RAW (I’ll have a full video tutorial showing you why up shortly, check the Flicker Free tutorial section). If you have a RAW sequence then it is painful to do it in Quicktime because you lose the ability to make adjustments to the RAW file before converting it into a movie file. So, again, we come back to using Adobe Camera Raw to do the conversion, requiring you to pull the sequence through an Adobe.


2 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t FCP X Support Image Sequences for Time Lapse (among other reasons)”

  1. Hay Jim,
    Great blog about FCP rendering and Timelapes sequenceing!
    However some just taught me a way to get your photos into FCP for a time lapse and then set it up.
    If you email me at the above I will discuss with you. I just finished one 900 images.
    Have a great day!

  2. There are ways to do it, but it’s something that FCP should just support. It’s silly that they don’t. But feel free to post your technique!


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