FCP 7 Is Dead. It’s Time to Move On.

It’s been almost 4 years since the last update of FCP 7. The last officially supported OS was 10.6.8. It’s time to move on people.

Beauty Box Video 4.0 (due out in a month) will be our first product that does not officially support FCP 7.

It’s a great video editor but Apple make it very hard to support older software. Especially if you’re trying to run it on newer systems. If FCP 7 is a mission critical app for you, you’re taking a pretty big risk by trying to keep it grinding along. We started seeing a lot of weird behaviors with it and 10.9. I realize people are running it successfully on the new systems but we feel there are a lot of cracks beneath the surface. Those are only going to get more pronounced with newer OSes.

I know people love their software, hell there are still people using Media 100, but Premiere Pro, Avid, and even FCP X are all solid alternatives at this point. Those of us that develop software and hardware can’t support stuff that Apple threw under the bus 3 and a half years ago.

We will continue to support people using Beauty Box 3.0 with FCP 7 on older systems (10.8 and below) but we can’t continue to support it when most likely the problems we’ll be fixing are not caused by our software but by old FCP code breaking on new systems.

2 thoughts on “FCP 7 Is Dead. It’s Time to Move On.”

  1. Agreed. Does your FlickerFree product support 4K footage in FCP X / Yosemite? When I try to use it I get the Spinning Beachball of Death where seconds become hours. Seems like we need an update to this potentially cool program. Seems that you are still shipping Version 1 which is coming up on a year old with no updates.

  2. This only seems to happen on some machines, but yes, it’s a problem on 4K and larger with Flicker Free. After Effects and Premiere handle it just fine, so we recommend doing 4K deflickers there until Apple fixes the issue.

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