ToonIt can glam your friends!

Working for a software company can be very fun, especially when I am able to use the software for good (aka personal) purposes. In this case, I saw a friend post a photo of herself and her boyfriend in her Facebook profile. She titled it ‘Pamela & Graah as a cartoon’ and I thought, “harumph”.

Not by ToonIt!:


The image shown above was converted to a crappy cartoon by the Photo DJ function in my friend’s camera. It’s just a glorified postorization. I immediately IM’ed my friend and asked her to email me the original photo. She did. I ran the photo through ToonIt’s default settings and 35 seconds later, Pamela and Graah were properly tooned.

Cartooned by ToonIt:


A fun aspect to ToonIt is that it often makes photos look better than real life, or as I commented on Pamela’s new profile photo, “It makes good looking people look even better”. ToonIt smooths out facial lines, glosses over shiny skin and even slims down the face. It’s a fast, cheap way to glamorize yourself and your favorite peeps.

The original photo (aren’t they cute?):


Have a great weekend! -Debbie

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