Pose and Compose

Are you ever in a situation with a model or subject and can’t get the perfect position out of them? If yes, then this is your luck day. I came across a great article that gives 10 top portrait tips to help you capture the uniqueness of your subject.

One that I found interesting is #9.“DO make sure to separate the arms from the waist. Arms flat against the side of your subject create the illusion of a very wide waist.” Or you can always adjust for that in Photoshop ;)

There was some uproar last September about Self Magazine’s cover model, Kelly Clarkson who appeared to be much slimmer then she is in reality. What do you think of the controversy? Read about it here.

And one more tip; Jim Tierney wrote a great article about skin retouching in Photoshop, which is also important for creating great portraits after the photoshoot.

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