ToonIt Gallery & ‘Panorama’ Perry.

Digital Anarchy recently posted a spankin’ brand new online ToonIt! Gallery. This web page is a great way to see what folks are doing with our Adobe Photoshop cartooning software.

ToonIt! is fun and easy to use and gives you amazing results when transmogrifying your photographs into cartoons. (Technical term per Calvin and Hobbs, a favorite real cartoon.) This is especially true when ‘tooning’ the human face and form, which most cartoon tools fail at. Ours doesn’t.

Most people send us exactly that, children and women turned into cartoons. A refreshing change comes from Stanton Perry of When I first saw Stanton’s work, which are all gorgeous panoramas and thus the nickname in this entry’s title, I was blown away by how well ToonIt! works with architectural and landscape settings.

Panorama #1, traditional toon.


After posting his entry in the ToonIt! Gallery, Stanton ‘Panorama’ Perry sent me an email saying, “Here’s another pano you might enjoy from the Hotel Regina in Cabo San Lucas. I’ve included 2 variations + master.” He is correct; I did enjoy, and now you can too.

The original photograph.


Panorama #2, kooky kartoon.


You can see Stanton Perry’s other artwork on his personal site,

regards -Debbie

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