Toon the cat! (if she’ll stand still)

I’m doing some product development for our ToonIt! Photo plugin, and wound up playing with some personal photos as source material. Looking at my cat is typically more interesting than iStock and this is a great photo to cartoon. The subjects’ faces are aimed at the viewer and their facial details are very clear. I also like that the background is blurred out in the original. We were photographed in my kitchen and those kinds of environments often don’t look all that interesting, even as a cartoon.

Here’s the result with the ToonIt! defaults rendered out of Photoshop:


Here is the original photo:

The only post-plugin editing that I felt was necessary was airbrushing out the nose ring from the girl’s face. Sometimes you will have to make little edits just because a detail that looks fine in the original photo simply doesn’t translate into black outlines and color fields. If you have a nice source image to start with, then this will happen infrequently. Try it yourself with our free ToonIt Photo demo!

regards -Debbie

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