Tiny Toons & more Panos from Perry.

For the July 4th weekend, I went to a friend’s cabin in the Russian River, California area. The town of Guerneville has tons of scenic photo opps and upon arriving, I was dismayed that I had forgotten to pack both my SLR camera and my little point and shoot. Luckily I had my iPhone with me. I couldn’t zoom in or add a perspective blur, but I was still able to get some really nice shots. Certainly any camera-enabled phone would do an equally good job.

When I returned to my Inbox this morning, my favorite roving panographer (if, in fact, there is such a term) had emailed to me his own stunning, low pixel image from a recent nature walk. Here is what Stanton Perry said about his photo, which was also taken with an iPhone, and its subsequent cartoon that uses our ToonIt! Photo plugin.


“What I love most about Toonit! is its uncanny ability to turn a “less than satisfactory” photograph into a work of art! A few weeks ago on Father’s Day, we were treated to a visit (on the 7th hole of my favorite course) from the native deer family. All I had with my was my iPhone, and even though the “natives” are friendly and not easily spooked, it was still challenging getting a shot. To be honest I wasn’t very impressed with my initial results, but after an hour with Toonit, I had a shot that I was proud to add to my portfolio!”

Thanks Perry! Here’s my ‘iToon’ nature shot.


All the best -Debbie

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