Rediscovered treasures: John Riley & Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

Last month, Digital Anarchy had some difficulty with our server, store and site… shudder… and had to change vendors unexpectedly. I’ve been combing through our media ever since, trying to find content that didn’t properly survive the transition.

Which caused me to stumble upon one of my favorite artists in our Primatte Chromakey gallery. John Riley, Ph.D., is a physicist and associate professor who initially contacted Digital Anarchy about some graphics work for which he was using Primatte, an Adobe Photoshop plugin for blue/greenscreen masking.

John showed us the Virtual Reality work, otherwise known as VR, that he was preparing for a portion of the artifact collection of the National Museum of Costa Rica. We were wow’ed. John uses Primatte inside a Photoshop batch to pull multiple shots of the collection objects off a bluescreen. Then he composites those new images into object spin movies and panoramas.

Since that time, John has expanded his already enviable talents into a VR consulting business, 4Pi-VR Media Solutions. If you want to know more about creating photographic virtual reality, he’s your guy and you can find that info here.

To see John’s Costa Rica VR work, please visit the Digital Anarchy gallery.

regards -Debbie

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