Professional geeks love ToonIt!

A few days ago, I received a great email from a new customer named Mark Edwards. He wrote us a nice note about his purchase of ToonIt! Photo, which is our Adobe Photoshop cartooning plugin, and attached some images to his email.

Mark said, “Thanks for the cool tool. After only a few minutes of playing around with it, I decided to buy it (original and toonit versions of one picture attached). Love it!”

Mark’s ToonIt image:


When I asked him if the photo was of his band, Mark wrote back, “The folks in the photo are me, me, me and me – I was playing around with multiple exposures with my digital camera and Photoshop (when I SHOULD have been practicing the banjo – grin). Definitely not in a band – still a rank amateur. I just thought that photo would cartoon well.”

Mark’s original composite:


You can find more about Mark at  Looks like he’s quite busy outside of his music and art.  I love meeting intelligent tech professionals who also have a creative side and a sense of humor. It’s the best part of my job at Digital Anarchy!

regards -Debbie

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