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My favorite job at Digital Anarchy is finding interesting customers to showcase their use of our products. It’s part detective work, part intuition, part fantastic reveal. I always come out of the experience having enjoyed the unique personality and creativity of the person I’ve worked with over the course of a few weeks

And with that statement… Here are our newest Primatte Chromakey gallery additions: Chris Ruhaak of Heartland Photos & Design (HP&D) and LENNON the Photographer of Los Angeles, CA. Both are very talented, established photographers. Their core businesses have a completely different focus and yet each man has been able to create a studio niche using greenscreen work and Primatte 3.0.

Chris Ruhaak specializes in many traditional kinds of portraiture, from seniors to children to weddings. As seen in the before/after images below, his HP&D studio uses Primatte to spice up the design for real estate business cards.

Among other clientèle, Lennon the Photographer works with Hollywood-based performers. The before/after photos below are of Disney personality Michael Petersen.

Watching visual stories and creative solutions unfold is, to me, an incredible aspect of getting to know the talented people who work with our products. Our Digital Anarchy online gallery shows more Photoshop than video design because I find its easier to obtain permission to show work from folks who use our Photoshop-related products. Photographers and graphic designers seem to have more flexibility with their clients. Often the photographer is his own boss, as with both of our new Primatte gallery participants, and that means he can call the shots. Broadcast designers and other artists working in TV and film are always willing to participate in the gallery, but in the end they often get bogged down by their HR and legal departments.

Of course, if you are an artist who uses Digital Anarchy products, I’d love to hear from you! You can read and see more by Chris and Lennon by going to the Primatte gallery here:

regards -Debbie

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