Photoshoplab’s List of Auto Features

While hunting online for an answer to a Photoshop problem (even anarchistic developers get stuck sometimes), I came across an interesting article on a blog called The title of the post is ‘7 Things Photoshop Does Automatically’.

It’s a great roundup and I think many of these automated features speak to folks who buy our Digital Anarchy products. Many of our Photoshop customers are professional photographers with relatively little time to devote to image editing. All of these auto-functions are easy and fast to use. Auto Levels, Auto-Blend Layers and Rotate> Arbitrary (numbers 12, 5 and 7 below) seem to especially speak to folks who need quick, clean adjustments to their photos.

The author’s subtitle is ‘7 Things Photoshop Does Automatically That Aren’t in the Automate Menu’, and that makes sense, because the features he has listed are pretty hidden if you aren’t looking for them. In fact, I was only aware of three of the functions.

The author, Tommy Maloney, lists:

1. Auto Color (Image > Adjustments > Auto Color)
2. Auto Levels (Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels)
3. Auto Contrast (Image > Adjustments > Auto Contrast)
4. Auto-Align Layers (Edit > Auto-Align Layers)
5. Auto-Blend Layers (Edit > Auto-blend Layers)
6. Vertical + Horizontal Centering (Layer > Align > Options)
7. Straighten Crooked Photos (Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary)

Go to Tommy’s Photoshoplab post to read the details. Just goes to show that you don’t always need a high profile destination for training. Sometimes the smaller sites post something brilliant.

regards -Debbie

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