Photo (con)Fusion?

Should photographers be shooting video? In most cases, I think the answer is no.

It’s not that most photographers aren’t capable of it, it’s just that videography is an entirely different medium that takes just as long as photography to learn properly.

If you’re willing to take the time to really understand video, then sure have at it. But while your capturing video, your not capturing photos. Will doing both compromise both, and make you a mediocre videographer AND a mediocre photographer?

What is Photo Fusion?

It’s the mixing of photos and videos… here’s a great example (jump to the 2 min. mark ). For it to really work, you need a dedicated photographer and a dedicated videographer (and hot lights instead of flashes). And don’t forget about Audio. And then you have to worry about putting it all together in a compelling fashion.  This is a lot more work than putting together a slideshow. And usually requires someone with a good deal of experience editing video and creating DVDs to create a narrative of some sort and add interesting interactive elements.

The more polished examples I’ve seen, which are really beautiful, usually come from teams of 2 or more people.

As the example above from Bruce Dorn shows, you can create some really amazing work. But (I think) it was done with models, not a real life situation. I’m sure it was storyboarded and then edited.

Ultimately it just takes a lot of setup and preparation to do right. Some of that photographers will know by heart, but video offers up significant challenges that will be brand new… both when shooting and dealing with the footage in post.

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