Invigorate yourself.

The 3D Invigorator is our newest Adobe Photoshop plugin for creating 3D logos and other fun 3D graphics. We’ve recently posted some great video tutorials that explain this powerful plugin. Watch new movies that explain the Material Editor, your one-stop shop for prettying up that 3D model, and its interesting texturing options for Textures and Bump Maps.


We have also added a movie that talks between working in 3D Invigorator’s environment vs. making use of Photoshop’s new 3D capabilities? The difference is pretty vast and we explain it all in this video tutorial.

You can read a terrific review of the product on one of our favorite editorial venues, Digital Arts magazine. This review was posted in April 2009, just after the product was released, and it’s a great read. Neil Bennett gave the plugin 4.5/5 stars and a DigitalArts Best Buy rating. Thanks Neil!


An excerpt: “We were impressed by the quality of this plug-ins rendering – it’s not photorealistic, but it’s more than enough for most illustration projects and it can mimic a number of different lens types… 3D Invigorator really is a 3D tool for digital artists and illustrators who’ve never looked beyond Photoshop’s layers for compositing due to 3D’s complexity and painful initial curve, as it’s powerful and accessible and is capable of producing great results.

Another great review was podcast on Layers TV, episode #85, by Corey Barker. He’s the resident 3D slash Photoshop guru over at Layers magazine, and Corey talked about 3D Invigorator in May 2009, shortly after a preview at the NAB show in Vegas.


An excerpt: “One thing that I do like a lot about this particular plugin is how quick it is in Real Time… So I know exactly what is being placed and how it is being applied…. It looks like a nicely rendered object, and look how quick that was. One simple Illustrator object, brought into the Invigorator, applied a property, just made a couple of adjustments, and there we go.”

So.. whatcha waiting for? Download the free trial of 3D Invigorator from our Digital Anarchy demos page.

Enjoy this sunny Saturday! -debbie

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