Good Design. Bad Design.

Still in design mode as we revamp our Digital Anarchy website, here is a comparison of good and bad design techniques. Two designers give their opinions and share easy to fix mistakes that can turn bad website design around.

In the first article, The 10 Most Common Mistakes Web Designers Make, the Author talks about, “with a little diligence, poor design can be easily avoided.” My favorite one, which is #1, talks about busy, crowded pages. There’s nothing worse then going to a website and not being able to find what you are looking for.

The second article, 20 Virtual Techniques & Best Practices For Effective Web Design, refers to “twenty excellent techniques and design elements you can incorporate into your designs to create a beautiful, polished website.” I found #20 interesting as it talks about adding a cartoon element. The Author says, “cartoon characters and other design elements keep your site looking fresher and younger.” So if you want to add a cartoon element to your web page, why not use our Photoshop plugin, Toonit! Photo? Toonit! Photo is an easy way to give your photos that sought-after cartoon look. Want to try the free demo? Click here.

To end this post off, here is a  funny footnote for a bad design article: The Ultimate Ugly Showcase of Current Government Websites. Go ahead knock yourselves out!

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