Digital Anarchy Sells Video Plugins (a letter from Jim)

As some of you know we have sold off our film/video plugins to Red Giant Software to focus on the Photoshop side of our business. For the details you can read the press release here.

We’re pretty excited about this as we’ve got some great ideas for Photoshop and think Red Giant will do a great job of taking care of those of you who’ve been our customers on the video side of things. We feel passionately about all our products and it was a difficult decision to make changes. However, we felt we were stretched too thin trying to handle both film/video and Photoshop. I’ve been talking to Andrew over at Red Giant for some time about doing ’something’ together, so when the decision was made to focus on one side of the company or the other, they were naturally first people to talk to. I’ve known Andrew and Sean over there for quite awhile and they’ve got a great team put together. So I’m confident they’ll be able to support and upgrade the products moving forward. They have some big ideas for many of the products, so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by many of the changes and updates they’ll be making over the next few months.

It feels a little bit odd to not be involved in selling After Effects plugins for the first time in 13 years. First with MetaCreations, then Atomic Power, Cycore, and Digital Anarchy for the last 7 1/2 years. It’s possible that at some point in the future we make come back around to video products, certainly much of the stuff we’re working on has applications in both still and video. (and, of course, I’ll still be at the NAB parties) However, for the foreseeable future we’ll be focusing on Photoshop and still image products.

We’ll have some Photoshop announcements in the next few months. We’re ramping up things now that we’ve finished transitioning all the video products over to Red Giant. Of course, users of our current Photoshop products: Primatte Chromakey, Backdrop Designer, Texture Anarchy and Knoll Light Factory will get the same quality support and service that folks expect out of Digital Anarchy. In fact, probably more so, now that we’re focusing exclusively on Photoshop. One of the plans I don’t mind bringing up is creating a lot more video training content that’ll be free on the web site and elsewhere. We also plan on doing live seminars via the web, which will happen later this year or early next. Of course, if you want to make sure we’re still alive and kicking, you can come and say hi at Siggraph in LA (booth# 1536) next week or Photoshop World West in Vegas (booth# 330), the first week of September.

We’re extremely grateful to all those film/video customers that have been with us the last seven years. It’s been a pleasure helping you create graphics and effects for films and commercials. I’m sure Red Giant will meet your expectations moving forward. They have the same commitment to customer service and quality products that we do and I’m sure many of you already have worked with them.

And, of course, we’re really looking forward to continuing to help our photography and Photoshop customers create amazing images in the future.

Thanks again and best wishes, Jim

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