Content vs. Ads In Photography Newslettersine marketing

So I’ve got to hand it to the folks at Professional Photography. They actually put together a newsletter that has content!

I received three email newsletters today from photography magazines and/or web sites. Only the PP mag one had any actual content.

It’s too bad that many of the newsletter emails are nothing but ads and ads disguised as content. Don’t get me wrong… I understand the need for ads/promotion and in some cases they are not completely uninformative. But when I glance at a newsletter week after week and it’s nothing but ads… I unsubscribe.

This doesn’t really benefit anyone. I usually subscribe to these things in the hope of being kept up to date on what’s going on. If they include some prominent ads, that’s fine… I expect that. I don’t expect to get a barrage of ads every week with no content.

Anyways… thanks to Professional Photographer for taking the time to produce a newsletter worth reading.

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