A belated but fun holiday offering.

Digital Anarchy launched our newest product, ToonIt! Photo, just before Christmas. It’s a fun new Adobe Photoshop plugin that’s cartooning software for photos and other graphics.

Unfortunately, the ToonIt! manual took a week longer than the product release. It’s always the little stuff, like forgetting to plug in in the toaster, that trips me up. You can get the ToonIt! Photo manual from here. I apologize for the wait. Writing manuals is _almost_ as difficult as reading them.

The cartoon results for Molotov Cupcake.

Original image of an unamused cat.

For some holiday cheer, here are some photos that we had fun with during the manual writing process. The office cat didn’t appreciate the photo shoot, but we sure did. ;)

More toon added to the Cupcake kitten.

Less toon added.

As you can see, the amount of detail in your ToonIt! cartoon makes a difference for the final look & feel. Luckily, ToonIt! comes with effect and style choices that are easy and fast to use. This royalty-free photo is one of the samples you can download from our Demos page, so try out your cartooning ideas and have fun!

All the best -Debbie

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