Great features of Beauty Box Video 5.0 Plugin

Beauty Box Video 5.0 is the makeup artist you didn’t have. Our skin retouching video plugin for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid, and OpenFX applications, like Davinci Resolve, is efficient and simple to use. This video effects plugin allows video editors to quickly smooth skin and apply digital makeup, saving hours of your production time while making your client look years younger.

Easy Skin Smoothing and Retouching for video

The Skin Smoothing controls in the Beauty Box Video plugin work together to smooth over wrinkles and blemishes in your subject's skin tones. The three main controls make it simple adjust the amount of retouching: from very subtle to more airbrushed, choose what works best for your footage. Beauty Box Video keeps the important features of the face sharp while reducing or eliminating wrinkles and blemishes.

The Magic of Automatic Masking

The magic button: Analyze Frame. This is where the real work happens, yet you barely have to do anything with this plugin. Click Analyze Frame to have Beauty Box Video analyze your footage and set the skin tones. These skin tones then get tracked throughout the footage. It's an automatic process that creates a great mask that adjusts as your subject moves and speaks.

Fast Rendering

Beauty Box supports Apple Metal, Nvidia CUDA, and OpenCL, allowing us to get realtime or near realtime playback with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards as well as Apple's M series of chips. This gives you incredibly fast rendering regardless of what platform or host application you are using! We built Beauty Box to work fast so you can get the look you want quickly and get back to the rest of your video edit.

Shine Removal and Color Correction

Beauty Box can solve other skin retouching issues as well. With controls for reducing shine caused by oily skin or bright lights and built-in color correction, you have all the tools you need to for skin retouching. It’s a comprehensive plugin for doing beauty work.

Preset Styles

Besides skin retouching, the Styles preset included in Beauty Box has dozens of visual effects and color correction that you can add on top of your footage. Whether you’re searching for an Old-Hollywood glow or a highly stylized sunburst effect the Styles preset menu makes it easy to add interesting looks to your footage.