Tutorials for Beauty Box Photo

Beauty Box Photo is easy to use. You almost don’t need tutorials to use the software! It’s always good to see how you can push skin retouching software to perform even better than we imagined, so read on.

Beauty Box Photo Product Manual

Download the Beauty Box Photo 3.0 manual for detailed information about the plugins tools, functions and concepts.

Overview of Beauty Box Photo 3.0 for Photoshop and Aperture

This skin retouching tutorial guides you through the basics of Beauty Box Photo. Easily apply a little Digital Makeup! LEVEL: BASIC

play tutorial (80.2 mb)

Advanced Masking in Beauty Box Photo

Sometimes the masks that Beauty Box Photo creates aren't perfect. This retouching tutorial guides you through working with masks in Beauty Box Photo. We'll show how to create manual masks as well as how to improve the masks that Beauty Box Photo creates. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE

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download (61.4 mb)
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