Press reviews for Beauty Box Photo

Beauty Box Photo is our new skin retouching plugin for Photoshop. Stay tuned for great reviews pouring into this page, and check out its sister tool, Beauty Box Video.

By Dave Huss. 5/5 Stars, 'Hot Pick'

"Ever the skeptic, I set up Beauty Box as part of an action and ran Photoshop in Batch mode on a folder of images. I processed all 36 images in a snap and when I went back to fine-tune the images, I was surprised to discover that none was needed. Beauty Box faces (it can be be manually adjusted to select other prts of the body) are softened but enough of the skin texture is preserved that the resulting image hardly looks like it's been modified. If you shoot weddings, buy it. You'll pay for it by the hours you'll save on your first wedding."

HOT: I'd give it 12 stars if I could.
NOT: Nothing!

By Frank Goad. 5/5 Stars

"In a nutshell, Beauty Box improves the look of your subjects and can automatically smooth facial imperfections... You don't have to be a photographer or Photoshop wizard to get great results right from the box. For basic touch-ups and optimizing your subject's looks, it's a snap and delivers very natural skin tones and textures."

By Diane Berkenfeld

"When it comes to retouching, sometimes less is better, meaning that Beauty Box does what it says it does—providing powerful skin smoothing without going overboard. And it is not overwhelming to use, like some software programs can be. This is great for the non-techie photographer or beginner digital imager." Read Review