Frequent Questions for the Beauty Box Photo Plugin

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Beauty Box Preview Cropping In MacOS Sonoma

  • Q.   Why is my Beauty Box preview cropped in Photoshop?
  • A.  The cropping behavior is only a bug with current MacOS Sonoma versions. You can't zoom out or fix this. Although the preview is cropped, this does not effect the final render of Beauty Box Photo. If you are on an OS version older than 14.0, you will not run into this bug. We are currently waiting for Apple to address the issue. A new MacOS version will fix this in the future.

Crashes in Photoshop CS5 under OS 10.6.4

  • Q.   Beauty Box Photo crashes in Adobe Photoshop CS5 when running Mac OS 10.6.4.
  • A.  This appears to be a problem with OS 10.6.4 and some video cards. It seems to happen more frequently with ATI cards, particularly the HD4870 and HD4850. However, the problem may extend to some nVidia cards. You can read more about it by doing a google search for '10.6.4 ATI crash' or going to this technical note here: The solution to the crash is to upgrade Photoshop CS5 (12.0) to version 12.0.1. To get the Photoshop 12.0.1 update, go to the Downloads section of Adobe's website. If you're experiencing any other Photoshop crashes, it's recommended that you downgrade OS X to 10.6.3. If you're only seeing problems with Beauty Box Photo, then it's probably not worth the trouble. You also want to turn off our Beauty Box Photo's Use GPU option. When you are back in Photoshop, follow these steps:
    1. Turn your Caps Lock button on (this prevents Beauty Box from rendering).
    2. Apply Beauty Box Photo.
    3. Uncheck the 'Use GPU' checkbox at the bottom of the interface.
    4. Turn Caps Lock off and try adjusting sliders.
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Beauty Box Photo with CUDA driver for 10.6.4 update?

  • Q.   After upgrading to Mac OS 10.6.4, I get a message that the CUDA driver is out of date. The message is "A version of the GPU Driver is installed on your system which requires an updated CUDA Driver. If you do not update the CUDA Driver, some CUDA-enabled applications may run slowly or cease to function properly." Will this affect Beauty Box since it is CUDA-enhanced?
  • A.  According to our tests, the Beauty Box Photo plugin should work properly. We have looked at this update issue and according to the nVidia website, there is no recent driver is available for download. Here's a thread on Nvidia's site in which nVidia says they are working on the update, and there is no update yet to download.

Does this skin retouching plugin work in Photoshop CS5?

  • A.  Yes, the Beauty Box Photo plugin works in Photoshop CS5. It runs natively in 64-bit host applications like Adobe CS4 64-bit and CS5. It also runs in 64-bit OS's like Windows 7. View the full specs of Beauty Box Photo.

Does this retouch plugin work in Apple's Aperture?

  • A.  Yes, we released Beauty Box for Aperture in March 2011.

Does this Photoshop plugin work in Adobe Lightroom?

  • A.  Not yet, but we do plan to support Adobe Lightroom. The timeline for Lightroom is in the 'as soon as we can' category. Lightroom doesn't talk very well with plugins so we have to do extra development on our end.