Frequent questions about Samurai Sharpen for Video

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What hosts are supported by Samurai Sharpen for Video?

The initial release will be for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. Avid, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vegas, and probably NUKE will be coming shortly afterwards.

Why do lines appear across my images?

This can occur in any host application and is usually related to your graphics card. However, before troubleshooting graphics card issues, make sure you have the latest version of the plugin installed by downloading it from our website.

Make sure you get the correct Mac or Windows version. Additionally, the crash might not be the graphics card but the graphics software driver that may be at fault. You can update the driver for your specific GPU by checking out the revalant link:

NVIDIA Drivers
AMD Drivers
Intel Drivers

If the updated plugin or the driver update don’t seem to be having any impact on the crashes, it’s likely the result of a graphics card issue. To confirm this, look for the ’UseGPU’ parameter at the bottom of the Beauty Box parameter list. Turn that off. This will force Beauty Box to ignore the video card (and GPU) and should resolve the problem (although it will render slower).

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How long are the render times?

The plugin is GPU accelerated and really shouldn't add much rendering time to your project. Usually it should be real time or near real time. On 4K footage it may play back at 10-15fps.

Of course, this depends on the speed of the computer. On older machines or less powerful graphics cards you may see some minor rendering times.

Overall is should be very fast. If it isn't, please contact us.

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